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At Evolve Business Development Solutions, we specialize in providing strategic solutions and unparalleled expertise to help businesses in the hospitality industry thrive. With a team of seasoned professionals and a deep understanding of the dynamic nature of the hospitality sector, we are committed to empowering our clients to optimize their operations, enhance guest experiences, and boost profitability.

About Us

EVOLVE & its consultants are experts in developing and growing your business, with over 100 years of experience in corporate multinational organizations within the Hospitality, Training & Development industries.

Our focus is to provide result-oriented solutions to EVOLVE our partners’ business from ordinary to significant.

Our passion is for your business excellence through knowledge transfer, leading change and adding strategic values in a diverse evolving world.

How We Add Value

We are passionate for your business, with an objective to take it from ordinary to significant. The services of EVOLVE will assist you to lead change in a diverse market and EVOLVE your business performance and commercial value. You will be presented with results oriented, practical and measurable solutions that will drive business growth, reduce cost and improve efficiency.


  • Efficiency in performance
  • Value in business
  • Optimize profits
  • Leverage investment
  • Versatile solutions
  • Expansion and growth of business


To leverage our consultants’ passion, extensive operational & commercial excellence and comprehensive capabilities to add strategic values to our partners’ organizations, identify & inject new opportunities and provide solutions that will swiftly unlock potential, improve results and grow the business.

Our Core Business

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Operations Management

We offer comprehensive operational analysis, process improvement, and cost management strategies to optimize efficiency, streamline workflows, and maximize profitability.

From front-of-the-house operations to

back-of-the-house logistics, we provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Guest Experience Enhancement

We believe that exceptional guest experiences are the cornerstone of success in the hospitality industry. Our consultants work collaboratively with you to analyze customer touch points, assess service quality, and design tailored guest experience programs that elevate your brand positioning and drive guest loyalty.

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Revenue Management

Our experienced revenue management consultants work closely with your team to develop competitive pricing strategies, demand forecasting models, and revenue optimization techniques. By leveraging data-driven insights and industry best practices, we help you to maximize revenue and drive sustainable growth.

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Marketing and Branding

Our marketing experts help you craft compelling brand narratives, develop targeted marketing campaigns, and leverage digital marketing channels to reach your target audience effectively. From social media management to online reputation management, we provide comprehensive marketing strategies to enhance your visibility and drive bookings.

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Hospitality Management

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Market Research

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Business Development

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Revenue Management Distribution &


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Marketing & PR

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Hospitality Management

Do you wonder what consumers are looking for to create a new profitable hospitality project? Do you need insights into your business performance when you're not there?

EVOLVE can assist you in discovering how well your guests are really being treated and gather the perspective you need from clients to make informed decisions for your business. We support organizations in improving their performance by analyzing existing organizational challenges and developing improvement plans. Our consultants provide the best practices in managing change, developing business strategies, and improving service quality.

Our industry knowledge helps us identify new opportunities that may not be on the radar of the in-house management. We map out clear commercial tracks for businesses and ensure that deliverables align with market requirements.

How we add value...

✓ Evaluate management companies

✓ Develop company profiles

✓ Establish organizational structures

✓ Develop business plans

✓ Assess staffing and manning needs

✓ Plan and execute restructuring

✓ Represent owners and investors

✓ Establish management partnership agreements

✓ Develop management agreements for new hotels or takeovers

✓ Create standard operating procedures (SOPs) manuals

✓ Implement quality assurance processes and programs, including mystery shopper and operational audits

Market Research

The first step in developing new projects or upgrading existing ones in the hospitality industry is to understand the market and its dynamics. Hospitality investors and management companies need to identify and define opportunities and challenges, as well as refine and evaluate necessary actions before making final decisions.

How we add value...

✓ Conduct desk research, one-to-one interviews, and group workshops

✓ Analyze background data

✓ Provide new insights into old problems through an objective and fresh perspective

✓ Compare industry performance data

✓ Offer future outlook and performance projections

✓ Evaluate the performance of competing suppliers

✓ Assess changes in consumer trends

✓ Align supply and demand

Business Development

Marketing & PR

When developing a hotel marketing strategy, where do you start?

How do you promote a hotel in a rapidly evolving digital marketing world?

EVOLVE can help you cover the entire spectrum of branding, offline and online marketing activities. From brand development, positioning, brand service standards, market research, website design, content development, digital marketing, advertising, and PR campaigns to distribution consulting.

Our activities and campaigns are tried and tested, with efficient monitoring, tracking, and conversion tools to guarantee a high return on investment while generating direct revenues for hotels.

  • Brand Development & Positioning:
  • Logo & Slogan Design
  • Brand Essence & Promise
  • Corporate Identity Manual (CIM)
  • Collateral Design & Printing
  • Development of Brand Audit & Compliance Programs
  • Arrangement of Photo Shoots
  • Website Content Development

How we add value to brand marketing

How we add value to consumer marketing

How we add value to PR

  • Development, planning, and execution of marketing strategies
  • Development, planning, and execution of media and advertising strategies
  • Development, planning, and execution of digital marketing strategies
  • Development and implementation of loyalty programs
  • Purchase and registration of domain names
  • Design and development of websites
  • Search engine optimization
  • Development, management, and moderation of social media platforms
  • Development of PR strategies
  • Development of PR manuals
  • Representation and media relations
  • Coordination of launches and special events

Business Development

Sales Management

Increasing market share is always a primary goal for hoteliers to achieve - if not surpass - the hotel business plan and deliver profitability to owners and shareholders. EVOLVE will collaborate with you on developing and managing a strong sales force to position your hotels as leaders in the market despite tough competition. We will ensure that your hotels have a comprehensive business mix to increase occupancy levels and achieve maximum Rev-Par.

The sales function in the hospitality industry involves researching market suppliers, gathering information, meeting clients face to face, building relationships, continuously networking, identifying opportunities, selling benefits to meet clients' needs, negotiating for mutually beneficial outcomes, and following up to convert prospects into buyers.

How we enhance sales...

  • Building and restructuring team organization
  • Developing a sales manual
  • Developing, planning, and executing strategies
  • Developing induction programs
  • Delivering training
  • Arranging team-building activities
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Developing incentive schemes
  • Representation and contracting services
  • Organizing trade fairs and road shows

Business Development

Revenue Management

Distribution & E-Commerce

Revenue Management is all about selling the right room to the right client, at the right time, for the right price, through the right distribution channel, while optimizing commission efficiency. It is a crucial step for maximizing profit opportunities for your hotel.

With E-Commerce, the hospitality industry has undergone a significant transformation. E-Commerce is an essential channel for your hotel business that cannot be ignored. EVOLVE has the digital expertise to ensure that your customers can easily book and make transactions online.

How we add value...

  • Developing pricing and yield strategies (online and offline)
  • Developing revenue optimization strategies (online and offline)
  • Designing and developing websites
  • Contracting with distribution channels, third parties, and online travel agencies (OTAs)
  • Developing, managing, and moderating social media platforms
  • Developing, planning and executing digital marketing strategies
  • Implementing search engine optimization techniques


Why Choose Us

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Our team of consultants brings deep industry knowledge and years of experience working in the hospitality sector. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices to deliver the most relevant and efficient solutions.

We understand that every business is unique. That's why our solutions are customized to meet your specific needs, goals, and challenges. We take the time to understand your business objectives and design strategies that align with your vision.

Our approach is rooted in data and analytics. We leverage advanced tools and technologies to gather actionable insights, uncover hidden opportunities, and make informed decisions that drive business performance.

We believe in building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. Our consultants work closely with your team, fostering collaborative partnerships to ensure seamless implementation of strategies and solutions.

Meet The Founders

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Azza Serry


The Visionary Pioneers In Hospitality Consulting

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Habiba El Kerdany


Recognizing the importance of professional development and exceptional results, Azza prioritized training and development at Hilton. By fostering a culture of growth, she ensured that her team had the necessary skills to achieve profitability and maintain the highest standards of professionalism.

After a successful career at Hilton, Azza took a leap of faith and founded Xperience Hospitality Management, an private management company based in Egypt. As the President & CEO, she oversaw three resort properties in Sharm El Sheikh, offering a total of 1,300 rooms. Under Azza's leadership, a newly built resort was launched in October 2011, setting new standards and achieving success through well-established brand standards, systems, processes, and commercial strategies.

Driven by her unwavering passion for developing and growing businesses, Azza established Evolve Business Development Solutions in 2012. Today, she serves as Chairman of Evolve, a consultancy and management firm that specializes in the hospitality industry. Leveraging her extensive network in the Middle East hospitality sector, Azza provides strategic value to hotels, real estate developments, healthcare establishments, and other organizations through a wide range of services, including market research, sales, marketing, public relations, revenue management, standard operating procedures and training.

Azza's exceptional contributions and expertise in the hospitality industry have earned her numerous accolades, including the Hilton Circle of Excellence Award and the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Top 25 Extraordinary Minds in Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Optimization in the Middle East. Beyond her professional achievements, Azza actively engages in community initiatives, supporting education and healthcare projects in underprivileged communities. She is also dedicated to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, using her knowledge and experience to empower them on their path to success.

With her extensive experience, unwavering determination, and deep passion for the hospitality industry, Azza Serry continues to have a significant impact as a leader, innovator, and influencer. Her strong work ethic, strategic thinking, and commitment to excellence have earned her the respect and admiration of her peers. Through her entrepreneurial spirit and relentless pursuit of growth, Azza has achieved remarkable success in her businesses, contributing significantly to the advancement of the hospitality sector in Egypt and beyond.

AzZa Serry

Azza Serry, an extraordinary professional with a remarkable background in the hospitality industry and a holder of a bachelor's degree in economics from the prestigious American University in Cairo. With over 35 years of experience, Azza's journey began at Hilton International, where she quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with in revenue management, sales, and marketing.

Through her dedication and hard work, Azza soared through the ranks at Hilton and became an influential executive within the company. Her most notable role was leading business development in Egypt, Africa, and Levant, overseeing a portfolio of 28 hotels and resorts. She played a vital role in ensuring that Hilton's mission statement was accomplished, delivering excellent returns on investment to stakeholders.

With an impressive career spanning over two decades in the hospitality industry, Habiba El Kerdany is a knowledgable professional who possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of marketing.

Currently, she serves as CEO, a valuable asset at Evolve Business Development Solutions, an esteemed consultancy and management firm that specializes in all aspects of the hospitality industry.

Evolve offers a comprehensive array of services, including market research, marketing, sales, public relations, revenue management, distribution and e-commerce, operational finance, human resources, training and development, as well as hospitality management.

habiba el kerdany

Prior to her affiliation with Evolve, Habiba held a leadership role in the marketing division of Xperience Hospitality Management, a private hospitality management company based in Egypt. Xperience boasts an impressive portfolio of three luxurious resort properties situated in the splendid region of Sharm El Sheikh. Habiba, during her tenure at Xperience, spearheaded the creation and implementation of an ingenious marketing strategy that encompassed various facets such as brand development and positioning, consumer marketing activities, commercial marketing approaches, integrated marketing communications, as well as advertising and public relations endeavors. Under her guidance, Xperience successfully established itself as a prominent player in the market and experienced significant growth. Habiba brings to the table an unparalleled level of industry knowledge and expertise, acquired through her extensive experience in hospitality marketing.

Prior to joining Xperience, she held an influential position as the Regional Director of Marketing for Hilton Worldwide in Egypt, Africa, and the Levant region, where she oversaw the marketing strategy and activity plan for 28 prestigious hotels and resorts. During this time, Habiba exhibited exceptional leadership qualities and played a pivotal role in driving Hilton Worldwide's marketing endeavors within her region. Her responsibilities included executing brand marketing initiatives, establishing strategic partnerships with various businesses, and focusing on commercial and revenue-generating channels.

Throughout her illustrious career, Habiba has also held key positions at other renowned hotel brands such as Marriott and Conrad. During her time at these establishments, she made tremendous contributions by developing and executing innovative integrated marketing and public relations campaigns. Her strategic thinking and branding insights proved instrumental in achieving remarkable results for these esteemed organizations.

Habiba El Kerdany is undeniably a force to be reckoned with in the hospitality industry. With her impeccable credentials, profound knowledge, and remarkable track record, she continues to shine as a true trailblazer in the field of marketing, consistently elevating brands and achieving unprecedented success.

From Our Clients

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for a job well done. ERC was fortunate to have your guidance and support during the past few months. During this time, I believe you were able to help us rethink our marketing strategy and refocus our efforts on higher bang-for-buck activities. We learned a lot. And, we look forward to working with you and your team again. Thank you!

Throughout 2014, I had the pleasure to work closely with Evolve as our hospitality consultant. The scope included many different responsibilities in the areas of sales, marketing, branding, mentoring & coaching in addition to general assessments of the resorts' operation and the sales activities of our management company. The results really exceeded my expectations and I found that Evolve was the perfect partner. The leadership at Evolve is professional, committed, knowledgeable, and passionate about the job.

On behalf of the Hilton team, I would like to congratulate you on the signing of the Doubletree by Hilton Mangroovy El Gouna and to thank you for all the support you have extended to conclude the deal.

We believe that Evolve’s insight of the market, tremendous support and effort, market intelligence and know how, in addition to the technical and commercial valuation of the masterplan and the hotel component, is what made this project such a great success for the Mangroovy owners and Hilton.

We look forward to working with you on other projects in the future.

Mohamed Kamel - Chief Executive Officer

Egyptian Resorts Company (ERC)

Eng. Omar Sabbour – Chairman

Aurora Hospitality Management

Carlos Khneisser

VP Development MENA & Turkey

Hilton Worldwide

Quotation Mark

From Our Clients

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

Evolve team provided an excellent service right from the start. Their knowledge on web design, branding, company manual, social media and E-marketing is unmatched. I have been working with Evolve since 2012 and I have always been satisfied with the quality of service delivery, the professional communication and the efficient timelines of the work that I have asked Evolve to execute. Since being introduced to Evolve, I have not commissioned any other consultants to assist in the marketing function and I always find the discussions with the marketing team to be positive, creative, and practical. I will use Evolve again without hesitation and recommend their work to any business seeking a specialist in the hospitality industry

Khaled Abbas - Managing Director

Rose Inn Hotels & Resorts - KSA

Thank you for your time, efforts and insights during the research study conducted for Naeem. Much appreciated. Best of luck in all your endeavors, and looking forward for a future mutual cooperation.

Omnia Kelig, CFA - Managing Director NAEEM Financial Investments

A Member of NAEEM Group

Working with Evolve over the past year was extremely rewarding, they helped us introduce a unique property at a new undiscovered destination & helped us put strategies for the milestones ahead of us. I would like thank all the Evolve team for all their dedication, flexibility & hard work.

Shehab Khalil - General Manager

Lazib Inn Resort & Spa

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